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BitTorrent Download

 There are three typical ways for downloading files via BitTorrrent protocol: download from Torrent file, download from Torrent URL and download from Magnet link. In SoMud, you can download files in any of these methods. 

 To download from Torrent file, press Ctrl+O or click "Open Torrent File" to select a Torrent from your local drive or folder. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the Torrent file into SoMud program. Torrent is generally ended with .torrent extension though it is not necessary. After choosing a valid Torrent, SoMud will show the detailed information of that Torrent file in a dialog. You can check the actual files specified by this Torrent. Then you can click "Start Download" button to start downloading the files.


 To download from Torrent URL, press Ctrl+U or click "Open Torrent URL". This opens a dialog where you can enter the Torrent URL and press "OK" to start downloading.


 To download from Magnet link, press Ctrl+M or click "Open Magnet Link". This opens a dialog where you can enter the Magnet link and press "OK" to start downloading. (SoMud automatically monitors your clipboard to see if there is a valid Magnet link. So when you open this dialog, you may see your copied Magnet link is already there.)