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Make Your Own Video Tutorial

 From SoMud "Tasks" menu, choose "Capture Audio/Video" to start SoMud Audio/Video Recorder.

 From Audio/Video Recorder, start a new recording task for desktop video and configure recording settings, then press "OK" button to start recording. While your desktop demonstration is being recorded, you can interrupt the recording anytime by pressing "Ctrl+P" shortcut keys or clicking the corresponding system tray icon. You may insert screen annotation images at this moment to help explain the demonstration or to highlight some points, or simply take a break. To insert screen annotations, you can press "Screen Image Annotation" button to show annotation dialog as in the following screenshot. Image within the annotation image list can be displayed on screen by double-clicking it. You can add more annotation images by pressing "Add Images" button or simply dragging and dropping images into the annotation list. The annotation image can be irregular shaped as in the following screenshot. In this case, SoMud will try to figure out the most appropriate transparent area around the irregular shape for you. However, you can also manually specify the transparency color for the annotation image in order to make the transparency to fit well with the irregular shape. To do this, press "Select Transparency Color" button to choose the transparency color for your annotation images. After you finish inserting annotations, you can resume recording; then your recording and annotations will be seamlessly concatenated. This process can be repeated if you want to remove annotations or insert other annoations at some other time."