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Record Video

This functionality can be used to produce your own desktop demo video to present and to share, or to record any video or audio on the web that is difficult to download, etc.

To record desktop video, press "New Recording Task" button to invoke configuration dialog as shown in the following screenshot. For "Capture Type", choose "Desktop Video"; for "Capture Size", choose "Full Desktop" for recording full desktop area or "Desktop Region" for recording a particular area on desktop; for "Audio Input", SoMud will try to figure out the most appropriate audio recording device and audio input line, however, you can choose your prefered audio input options such as recording "Microphone" audio instead of "Wave Out Mix" audio. (Note: "Wave Out Mix" or "Wave Out" or something similar generally refers to audio line capable of capturing both audio from microphone and audio playing in computer.)

If you choose "Desktop Region", then you can specify a rectangle region by moving your mouse while keeping left mouse button down. In the following screenshot, a rectangle region is specified to surround a web video; then only the specified region will be recorded.

If you want to record desktop video without audio, select "Audio Settings" tab as shown in the following screenshot and tick off "Record Audio" option.

You can also change other desktop video recording parameters in "Video Settings" tab. For "Compression Quality", the higher value will produce clearer video. You can tick off "Capture cursor" option if you do not want to include your mouse in the video.


Record Audio

[Record Audio]


Record Camera Video

[Record Camera Video]

Convert Audio/Video into Different Formats

You may want to convert recorded .avi or .wmv file into other formats. This can be done via SoMud Audio/Video Converter plugin. Please check the following link on how to convert audio/video formats in SoMud:

[Convert Audio/video]