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Verify File Integrity

 File Integrity Verifier can be invoked from SoMud "Utility Tools". You can also verify downloaded file by clicking "Verify File Integrity" menu item for the selected file in SoMud

 File hash is often used to identify a file globally. SHA-1, MD5/MD4 are commonly used hash algorithms for identifying files. If you download a file and have the file hash from the file provider, then you can compute a hash from the the file and compare it with the hash from provider. If both hashes match each other, the file you downloaded is not corrupted or modified.

 In File Integrity Verifier, select "Verify File" tab; choose a file to verify (you can drag and drop a file into it); enter the known file hash from provider; if the entered file hash is SHA-1, you need to select the "SHA-1" option in "Hash algorithm", or MD5/MD4 if else; then press "Verify" button to start verifying.

 In File Integrity Verifier, select "Compute Hash" tab; choose a file to compute (you can drag and drop a file into it); select a hash algorithm; press "Compute" button to start computing.